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    Blocked Drain – City of Hobsons Bay success story…

    The Blockage Professionals have a lot of pleased customers in Hobsons Bay, The City of Hobsons Bay is a local government area in Melbourne Victoria, Australia.  It comprises the south-western suburbs between 6 and 20 km from the Melbourne city center. Our Local Hobsons Bay Plumber was just recently called to a house on a Sunday afternoon where the individuals residing in the property were having a BBQ. Their toilet appeared to be blocked when individuals began utilizing it allot. After doing a series of water tests on the blocked drain, our Emergency Plumber discovered that the problem was indeed a Blocked Toilet that required rapid attention prior to it spilling over. There was no time at all to waste. Our Hobsons Bay Plumbers had the ability to rectify it on the spot instantly with a Drain Cleaning Machine. After checking that the flow had gone back to normal in each outlet, we also suggested a full service of the sewerage system at least every 12 months to assist in keeping the drains in top working condition. The owners were delighted we recommended this routine Drain Clean Out as the following service found that the tree roots had a significantly penetrated the drain system and was begging to damage the sewer pipes. mentioned home occupier Steve, “The Hobsons Bay Emergency Plumber actually took the time chatting to thoroughly discuss what work should be done. He showed us the tree roots he pulled out of the sewer drain. It was really quite clear that the Emergency plumber certainly knew exactly what he was speaking about. We are most definitely going to be utilizing The Blockage Professionals from now on!”.