Pipe Locating

Electronic Pipe Tracing.


If you are not exactly sure where your below ground drains go or the actual direction the head towards. Here is what we can do for you.

We Place an electronic transmitter that is attached to a cable line and insert it into your sewer at a convenient point and push it through the line.
The electronic transmitters route and exact location in the sewer pipe is tracked above ground level via an electronic locating device.
The ground is then marked at various intervals or rather mapped out. We are also able to determine the depth of the pipe from the reading obtained.

Combining this with a CCTV Drain Camera we can see what is going on inside your pipe by utilizing this method we can know how deep the pipe is and
where it will need to be dug up if a repair is necessary. This locating method can be utilized to allow you to find any existing lines to connect into if needed
or can be used to avoid any damage from other site operations.


Why is pipe locating important?

When using the pipe tracking equipment we are able to pin point the exact location in most cases or where to dig in order to eliminate the need to do any unnecessary digging.
Having the ability to pinpoint the location of the damaged pipe particularly on very long sections of drainage runs saves time money and most important your lawns.
So there really isn’t much guess work. We know where to dig. , when there is a problem to be concerned about as well as tell which way the pipe is running when there are no plans available.
We provide this service for both residential and commercial customers.


Here are some of the benefits of pipe tracing.

  • Saves time and money and effort.
  • Eliminates the need to unnecessarily damage lawns, trees and pavements.
  • Allows to only replace a small section of pipe if a repair is needed.
  • Available to residential and commercial customers.