High Pressure Jetting

High Pressure Drain Cleaning.


What Is It? And Why is it a Great Way to Clean drains?

Over a period of time your sewer pipes and other drains, like the kitchen sink drain may build up sludgy debris that settles in the drain creating a greasy like substance that stays stuck in the drain until it is removed.

The High Pressure Water Jetter unblocks pipes very effectively. It uses high pressure water to scrub the internal wall of your sewer or drain pipes pipes. It clears tree roots extremely well. Allot of times you cannot  see the tree root penetration with a CCTV drain camera. The internal walls of the pipe are cleaned by washing away allot of old waste, debris, built up fats and oils in fact pretty much anything that has accumulated on the drain pipe walls. The Water Jett can slide up to 150 metres at the same time it maintains its complete effectiveness to the very end of the drain. This is usually long enough to be able to clean out the majority of drains in most buildings.

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A sewer machine cable does not usually remove this sludgy greasy build up.

When a sewer or drain cleaning cable goes through grease, oil, or sand the obstruction will usually close up and fall back behind the cables still leaving the line possibly partially still blocked. A  High Pressure Water Jet flushes away sticky stoppages that sewer machines sometimes have a difficult time clearing. High Pressure Water jetters use a powerful stream of high pressure water that penetrates the blockage at the same time flushing it away down the drain. The penetrating thrust of the powerful nozzle drives the rubber hose down the drainage line, providing a wall to wall cleaning action.

High Pressure Water Jets do not replace sewer machines, but each one has its specific advantages over the other

If You have called a plumber before and he has put  sewer cleaning cables through the drain with his sewer machine and the same drain blocks again within a month or up to 3 months later. The reason may well be in many cases the cause of the drain problem had not been removed, so in time the sludge build up process continues to create the same reoccurring problem.