General Maintenance

Sewer and Drain Cleaning Program.

The Blockage Professionals offers a customized maintenance plan for sewer and drain cleaning. We will thoroughly analyze your specific situation and recommend an appropriate cleaning schedule that best matches your circumstances.

Drain Maintenance.

Do you know what state your drains are in ?Nobody ever wants the inconvenience of blocked and overflowing drains and sewers, let alone the cost of an emergency plumber. Unless you have your drains checked and maintained by a professional plumber you will never know what problems might occur. You can avoid the hassle and disruption and damage that can be caused by an emergency blocked drain by regular Scheduled Drain Cleaning Maintenance of your drainage and sewer system.


Program Benefits.

Peace of Mind – Our scheduled drain cleaning will keep your drains flowing, avoiding potential backup problems and detecting any issues before they become an extreme emergency.

$$ Savings – The  sewer and drain cleaning maintenance program will help minimize  future costs incurred with a backed up sewer in your home or business.

Value Rate – Automatically you will be eligible for our preferred client “Value Rate”. This is a 10% savings on all drain cleaning service calls throughout the year. (15% for Senior Citizens)

Convenient Scheduling – The competent, trained and always dependable team of blockage experts are concerned about your drain and its continual performance. We will call you when it is the time for your annual checkup and service. We will work with you to schedule the service calls when it is always convenient for you … no more head aches.

Preferred Treatment – Our  Scheduled Drain Cleaning Maintenance increases the drainage system reliability. However, in the event you need emergency service, you will always be entitled to the best preferential treatment.

Trustworthy Service – Our skilled blocked drainage experts know their business inside out. You can always rely on us and our undisputed reputation to present a fast, dependable, and fair service!

Maintaining your drains. The Options Available.


Scheduled Drain Cleaning Maintenance.

Includes extensive periodical camera inspections to determine the integrity of  your drains. This can be considered a regular check on your drains, just like a  check up at the doctor.

Periodical High Pressure Water Jetting.

Periodical cleaning of drains with the use of a high pressure water jet can will clear any existing roots, grease, sand and debris etc..High pressure water jetters provide one of the best root cutting techniques on long and short runs. This is the most efficient and cost effective way to have your drains cleared.

Periodical mechanical sewer rooting.

Much the same as water jetting except that a mechanical cutter is sent through the drain removing mainly roots and foreign objects. Sewer rooter will not do such a good job at removing sand and grease from drains in comparison to the High pressure jetter. Sewer rooting is usually less expensive compared to the Jetter.

More Permanent Solutions.

Upon inspection of your drains it may be determined that a more permanent solution may be required. This may include either Pipe Relining, or excavating and replacing the drain.

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