• Blocked Drain In Glen Iris Area – Emergency Service.

    If you are experiencing a blocked basin, blocked trough, blocked downpipes, blocked shower, blocked sink or a blocked toilet in the Glen Iris area then the Blockage Professionals is the right place for you. We use a standard drain cleaning machines which  are powered by an electric motor. These electric drain cleaners can clear your blocked drains usually within the hour. They have the ability to enter the long sections of sewer drain and remove all kinds of solid materials from it. The Blockage Professionals makes use of the latest technology and the best  sewer cleaning machines in the plumbing industry to bring to you the best quality drain cleaning service in Melbourne. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and will usually reach you within 2 hours after  your call. Our plumbers in Glen Iris are the most experienced and can unblock any kind of drain for you.

    Blocked toilet, blocked sink or blocked shower?

    It is very common in houses for blocked toilet or a blocked sink to occur because of the accumulation of grease, hair or undissolved paper in the blocked drainage. The first thing is to try and plunge the things out to make space but if that doesn’t help then you can reach out to our Blocked Drain Experts and professional plumbers.

    Blocked Sewerage coming from the external pipes around your house?

    Whenever an overflowing drain happens, it is usually because of tree roots, leaves and silt cause the clogged drain. Our  Glen Iris Plumbers are extremely talented and their work is so intricate and yet so smooth that even the worst clogged pipes and drain can be cleared within a short time. We also have the facility of drain camera which very easily assures that the drains have been cleared.

    Blocked down pipes or storm water pooling at your place?

    Many times, in Glen Iris storm water pooling around your house or garden after heavy rain is caused by a storm water pipe blockage. A buildings storm water drainage system can deteriorate over the years causing blockages by tree roots leaves and silt around your home.

    Drain Camera to clear a blocked drain.

    It is not so hard to set up the CCTV drain camera nowadays but for the best results it is better to use the best brands which we do at Blockage Professionals. These are capable of exploring the section of blocked drainage and identifying all the problems causing the blockage. These cameras enter places that are difficult to access other wise. The process begins with inserting a long cable with a camera at the top inside with built in LED lights to lighten the drain inside. As soon as a problem is identified the drain camera sends out an electronic signal which enables the plumber to locate the exact place and clear it. The CCTV drain camera also provides a live color video to our blockage plumber which makes our work even easier and a lot more efficient. Throughout the plumbing industry these  drain cameras have been used extensively to achieve a high clearance of drain easily.
    With such plumbing talents and advanced technology you will face no disappointment at Blockage Professionals. ACT FAST CALL NOWMobile 0418 324 381

    Blocked drain Glen Iris

    Blocked Drain Glen Iris