• Drain Replacements

    Sometimes drains are so badly collapsed that a reline is not an option and a drain dig up is required. Replacement of drains is usually a last resort. However it is a more permanent solution, as the pipe is replaced and is brand new resulting in the many years of trouble free blocked drainage problems. Blockage Professionals are drain maintenance plumbers and we endeavour to replace only the damaged section or area of the immediate pipe work, therefore enabling a reduction in the cost to the customer. Replacing the houses entire drainage system can often result in costing well over 10 thousand dollars. That is why we would have the CCTV drain camera locate the damaged pipe area.  We can and will often replace as little as a  meter of drain.

    Dig outs depending on the depth of the pipe and the available access to the damaged section, we would normally use an excavator to do most of the digging work with units ranging from a 1.5 ton unit right up to a 4 ton excavator, that is assuming there is enough room to carry out the work safely and without the interference from trees, fences, buildings and like objects.

    We would normally excavate the drain and renew a section of pipe where there are frequent sewer blockages occurring, or for some reason when one of our drain plumbers are unable to clear the blocked drain whilst in attendance, or naturally enough if the CCTV drain camera shows a significantly damaged section of the sewer pipe.

    When receiving the quotation for having your excavated drain replaced, please try and remember to allow for the additional costs of the concrete path reinstatement, fencing reinstatement and mainly for any landscape reinstatement that may need to be done, as these items normally are not quoted or allowed for by Plumbers. This will require you as the customer to source outside contractors for these tasks. These items alone may well often run into thousands of dollars.