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    Repairing your sewer pipes  does not always have to involve the process digging up, which is both time consuming and can be destructive to your garden and surrounding areas. Pipe relining is the latest in the way of technology to rejuvenate old pipes, effectively creating a brand new storm water pipe or sewer drain inside the old one.  It’s fast, very cost effective, and above all saves your landscaped area.

    If you are looking for a quality pipe lining job or an expert assessment of your pipes and drains, Blockage Professionals fully qualified, licenced and experienced drain plumbers who serve the entire Melbourne Metropolitan Area and always guarantee a prompt arrival and a professional service. Just give call us on 0418 324 381.


    Benefits of Pipe Relining.

    There are many benefits of choosing a pipe relining repair repair over the other methods of pipe maintenance, which include…

    • Preserving driveways, foot paths, entrances and garden paving: Which means not having to remove solid concrete which can save you many dollars in significant replacement costs.
    • Preserving trees, plants and other landscaping: This method also protects precious irreplaceable items of value such as very old trees, and above all does not require very heavy traffic on your property.
    • Less mess: Pipe Relining of your pipes can often be much faster than digging them all up. This means less leakage in the surrounding area and the costs associated with cleaning up all the contaminated areas.
    • Environmentally sound: The Pipe relining repair method also saves the underground ecosystems from being disturbed, and it utilizes materials that have a low impact on the surrounding soils and plant habitat.

    Prompt Professional Pipe Relining And Accurate Pipe Assessment.

    Before performing a pipe reline, we always have one of our fully qualified and licenced pipe and drain plumbers assess the condition of your pipes. If it is necessary, we can incorporate a CCTV camera inspection to accurately locate the suspect pipe section along with a High Pressure Jetting to clear sludgy and greasy deposits of the internal walls of the pipe before we do any of the relining work.

    Our qualified Melbourne Plumbers always guarantee to arrive within the specified time period with the vans fully stocked with all the right equipment.

    See also our standard and after hours callout rates. We always carry Cash, Credit Card & Eftpos facilities in all the service vans for easy, on the spot payment, and we only charge the standard rates for services performed during standard hours, emergencies included.

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    Don’t forget that if you’re experiencing blocked pipe issues, we provide genuine 24 hour emergency pipe and drain clearing. Our fully qualified plumbers have the experience and knowledge required to accurately assess all types of underground pipes, residential and commercial, and will give you honest advice on whether trenchless pipe relining is the right solution for you. Just give us a whistle!