Drain Camera Surveys

CCTV Drain Surveys And Sewer Inspections

During the earlier years of Drain Cleaning, it was a lot harder to find the actual cause of drain problems, not to mention much more costly due to the fact that plumbers had to dig up the sewer or storm water system to determine exactly where the drainage repair needed to take place. Today, problem areas within the drain system can be detected rather quickly using up to date specialised plumbing technology. CCTV Drain Camera is used to inspect as well as diagnose issues fast and accurately, therefore making it much more cost effective.

Using a  CCTV Drain Camera allows specialist plumbers like us to examine much further along the sewer line, without damaging gardens or buildings using excavating methods. One example why a CCTV Drain Camera would be used to inspect the below ground drainage pipework, is to locate tree roots which may be penetrating into the sewer system. Tree roots can creep into minute cracks and grow along the sewer line, causing constant back-ups as well as nasty plumbing surprises. Some other causes can be grease and grime build-up from kitchen sinks, common household items stuck in drains, cracks in the drains, collapsed drains or leaks, just to name a few.

How Does A Drain Camera Work?

These days most CCTV drain cameras don’t require much time to set up. There are many different brands of drain cameras that are capable of identifying all kinds of various problems, like inspecting normal drainage lines in areas that are difficult to access. The process usually starts by inserting a long special grade coaxial cable with a camera head at the end with built in LED lights to brighten the drain inside.  This coaxial cable is guided through the drains and the drain camera sends out an electronic signal that helps the plumbing specialist to locate the position of the problem area, whilst at the same time providing a fairly accurate layout of the below ground sewer system. The CCTV drain camera transmits a live color video feed to a monitor, which enables our blocked drain expert to instantly diagnose the problems fast and accurately. These fiber-optic CCTV drain cameras have become an extremely valuable asset throughout the plumbing industry.

Not only can we determine the problem of the sewer system, the general and overall condition of the drain pipes can also be determined with minimal fuss.

Here at The Blockage Professionals, we have various size cameras to suit any type of drain.  Whether it’s a large sewer or storm water drain, or smaller shower, basin, bath or sink waste pipe, we’ve got it covered with the latest CCTV cameras available.

Simply call our 24 hour Blockage Hot Line, for a fast and reliable CCTV Drain Camera inspection today!