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Drain Cleaning.


When it comes to drain cleaning the Blockage Professionals has the expertise and tools to solve any blocked drain problem. When you have a blocked sewer drain go wrong, it can be a complete nightmare. If you’re experiencing blocked drains, gurgles, slow water draining or bad smells coming from your drains, and you are thinking something is seriously is wrong, it’s best to call in the blocked drain experts. At Blockage Professionals whether it’s drain cleaning or drain unblocking, we’ve seen it before, and we’ve fixed it before. We are here to help with a blocked drain.

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CCTV Drain Surveys.


We have the latest technology to successfully tackle even the most serious Blocked Sewer problems. More often than not, a blocked drain can be cleared manually or with one of our High pressure jets or Sewer Machine tools with its many different cutting blades. However, if a blockage is more persistent, there can be a more extensive problem to locate, investigate and fix. The Blockage Professionals can identify these problems with a CCTV Camera Survey of your blocked pipes. This will show you the exact cause and location of any structural defects.

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High Pressure Jetting.


Blocked drains ? High Pressure Drain Jetting can offer a long term solution to persistent Blocked Drain problems. The Blockage Professionals have 35 years of expertise in applying high quality solutions to blocked drains and blocked pipes using High Pressure Water jetting. We understand that a blocked drain can be a real problem, and we are committed to helping you get your life back on track with minimal fuss. We can easily handle a blocked drain, whatever the cause may be, and have the equipment necessary to handle any issue, big or small. 24/7/365

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Using a variety of different methods to clean your Blocked Drains.


WHY ARE MY DRAINS BLOCKED? A Blocked Drain can be caused by a build up of fats, oils, grease or soaps, dirt, silt, leaves or foreign objects, or structural defects like tree roots, corrosion or subsidence. Whatever the cause, the consequences can be serious: bad smells, a collapsed sewer pipe or a toilet overflowing. The solution may involve removing an obstruction, drain cleaning or even repairing a possible structural defect. UNCOVERING THE PROBLEM. When trying to unblock the drain isn’t fixing the problem, we may suggest carrying out a CCTV Survey of your drains to understand and locate exactly what is going on. Our blocked Drain Technician will pass a camera through the drain, so they can see exactly what the problem is and recommend the necessary steps to fix this with a long term solution to help prevent it happening again. THE TOOLS WE USE. Whatever the problem, Blockage Professionals have all the tools we need to fix your Blocked Drain. A Blocked Sewer caused by build up of hard scale, fat or grease can be broken down in seconds by high-pressure water jetting. Tree roots growing into your Blocked Pipes can be cut through and cleared with our Electric sewer machines and cleaning tools (cutters and blades fitted to rotating flexible cables). DAMAGED DRAINS If we can’t clear a blockage, and a CCTV survey identifies significant damage to your drains, the cost may be covered under your buildings insurance. Your blocked sewer tecnician can explain how The Blockage Professionals can often work directly with your insurance company to resolve a claim. We can carry out the work while your claim is being processed, so that you don’t have to wait.

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